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About 8bitAesthetics

8bitAesthetics is your ultimate resource for professional modding and customizing of retro gaming equipment and accessories. Our specialty is in modding and customizing Gameboys, not just for retro gamers, but chiptune artists as well. In addition to Gameboys, we customize various controllers and accessories, as well as other consoles, and look forward to doing much more.

Why choose 8bitAesthetics?

8BitAesthetics started this adventure in early 2012, modding gameboys on the floor of a bedroom and since then has had the pleasure of working on thousands of products for customers from all over the world.

8bitAesthetics has consistently exceeded the expectations of every customer and continues to do so on a daily basis. We have extensive knowledge about how to disassemble, repair, and cosmetically alter a wide variety of electronic devices, especially gaming hardware. Your order will not be completed until it is absolutely perfect, you will not be disappointed :)